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NEBELKERZEN IN DAUERSCHLEIFE | Frieder Butzman | 17 September to 15 October 2022
Opening 17 September from 6pm.                                                                                     

It is a kind of retrospective that the Berlin-based, internationally active artist and musician Frieder Butzmann presents at Vincenz Sala using video and film technology: In over 50 films and clips, we see works from the last 40 years - thus a large part of his extensive oeuvre as a musician, performer, actor and visual artist - solo or in collaboration with friends and colleagues.

Frieder Butzmann, born in Konstanz in 1954, has lived in Berlin(West) since 1975, where he first worked in the legendary record shop Zensor, soon after founded the venue Luna Park and later toured worldwide as a duo with Thomas Kapielski. Even in Japan, he is considered by insiders to be the inventor of German industrial punk; with his Klingon Opera, the Grimassenalphabet, Gobo light installations, numerous radio plays - most recently a lavish production for Swiss Radio on the theme of love, Sieben Weltrekorversuche

(Seven World Record Attempts), and much more, he astonishes his viewers, listeners and readers.

Frieder Butzmann has initiated so many experiments, projects and events that only a few can be listed here - more and more detailed information about his work can be found in the extensive [easy to read] volume "Wunderschöne Rückkopplungen", published by Martin Schmitz Verlag, Berlin 2020.

Frieder Butzmann called himself a crachmacheur, but he is an all-round artist, multi-talent, and ingenious dilettante - the emphasis here is clearly on ingenious! Accordingly, the five hours of film in his exhibition "Nebelkerzen in Dauerschleife" provide deep insights into Butzmann's work and oeuvre, production thoughts and conceptual ideas - moreover, this grand tour creates an extremely complex view of the history of art and music since the 1970s and until today in Berlin and elsewhere. 

The exhibition is a joint production of the Vincenz Sala Gallery together with guest curator Peter Funken, who will speak at the opening.