The gallery will launch the 2013/14 season with a solo show of German artist Jochem Hendricks. Hendricks is known for his work addressing complex moral and ethical issues. His practice explores the social codes and boundaries that we live by and questions received ideas surrounding beauty and value. His projects often involve investigative processes more normally associated with scientific enquiry, but also the questioning of the boundaries of legality. Hendricks is fascinated by the human being, by human existence and with all the troubles, desires, hopes, intellectual abilities, not to mention the lack of success, the doubts, the failures. These are all themes that run like a red thread through his oeuvre.

Hendrick’s solo show at the gallery will focus on the project ‘‘Luxus Avatar’’, which he started in 2009. Using the dataset from a 3D scan of Hendricks’s entire body a complete life-size figure of him was milled from a Ureol block. This forms the basis for an ever-evolving oeuvre: a parallel existence to that of the artist is arising as a sculpture that is completely financed by tax-deducted operating expenses. Luxus Avatar is gradually being furnished with everything that a person needs to live, all the goods purchased are luxurious in terms of quality and price. The precondition is annual financial statements by the artist stating profits which are then reinvested in working materials used for new parts for the sculpture.

Jochem Hendricks was born in 1959. He lives and works in Frankfurt, Germany. Recently his work has been presented in important solo shows at The New Art Gallery, Walsall, UK (2013), Museum Haus Konstruktiv, Zürich, Switzerland (2012), and the John Hansard Gallery, Southampton, UK (2012), as well as at the Museum of Arts and Design, New York, USA (2010), and the Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt, Germany (2010), among many others.

La galerie lancera la saison 2013/14 avec une exposition individuelle de l’artiste allemand Jochem Hendricks. Hendricks est connu pour son travail porté sur des questions éthiques complexes. Ses projets interrogent les codes, règles et autres contraintes sociales déterminant notre vie, ainsi que les idées reçues sur les notions du Beau et de sa valeur marchande. Ses processus de travail s’apparentent souvent à des processus de recherche scientifique mais explorent également les limites de la légalité. Hendricks est fasciné par l’homme, la condition humaine et tous les troubles, désirs, espérances, capacités intellectuelles, sans oublier le manque de succès, les doutes et l’échec. Tous des sujets qui constituent le fil rouge de son œuvre.

L’exposition individuelle de Hendricks sera centrée sur le projet “Luxus Avatar” que Hendricks poursuit depuis 2009. Une réplique grandeur nature du corps de l’artiste, entièrement en plastique, a été produit par une machine de modelage CNC. L’exécution s'est faite à partir de données obtenues par un scan 3D complet de son corps. C’est le point de départ d’un travail qui continue de créer une vie parallèle de l’artiste, luxueuse, totalement financée par la déductibilité de ses dépenses professionnelles. Au fil des années, la sculpture est équipée de tout ce dont une personne a besoin pour vivre. Un équipement luxueux à la fois en terme de qualité et de prix. Les acquisitions partis d'achats de vêtements de grandes marques pourraient aller jusqu’à l’achat d’une maison. Néanmoins, une condition est essentielle :  des profits à la fin de l’année fiscale que l’artiste va réinvestir dans des matériaux de travail utilisés pour des nouvelles acquisitions pour la sculpture alors déductibles de ses revenus imposables. Cette alchimie fiscale transforme l’acquittement des impôts en marchandises de luxe.

Jochem Hendricks est né en 1959. Il vit et travaille à Francfort, Allemagne. Récemment son travail a été présenté dans des importantes expositions individuelles à The New Art Gallery, Walsall, Grande-Bretagne (2013), Museum Haus Konstruktiv, Zürich, Suisse (2012), et au John Hansard Gallery, Southampton, Grande-Bretagne (2012) ainsi qu’entre autre au Museum of Arts and Design, New York, Etats-Unis (2010), Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt, Allemagne (2010).

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Solo show from 12 september to 12 october 2013 | Opening on 12 september 2013 from 6 pm to 9 pm at Galerie Vincenz Sala Paris | 52, Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth | 75003 Paris | Opening hours: Thursday through Saturday from 2 pm to 7 pm | For more information on the show click here or follow us on facebook | For directions click here

Exposition du 12 septembre au 12 octobre 2013 | Vernissage le 12 septembre 2013 de 18h à 21h à la Galerie Vincenz Sala | 52, Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth | 75003 Paris | horaires d’ouverture: du jeudi au samedi 14h à 19h | Pour plus d'informations sur l'expostion cliquez ici et suivez nous sur facebook Pour un plan du quartier cliquez ici



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52, rue ND de Nazareth, 75003 Paris

Horaires d’ouverture : jeu-sam de 14h à 19h

Jochem Hendricks

Exposition du 12 septembre au 12 octobre 2013

Vernissage jeudi 12 septembre 2013, de 18h à 21h

Luxus Avatar, ongoing since 2009, mixed media, variable dimensions

Pack, 2003-2006, mixed media, dimensions variable

Over a period of years Jochem Hendricks carefully sourced and acquired the bodies of a number of dead fighting dogs. The dogs were then prepared to the artist’s specifications by an extremely skilled and experienced taxidermist.

Cold Birds, 2002-2005 - Hansi

Two canaries, two budgerigars, a crow and a soup hen have been transformed by two former Soviet research institutes into diamonds. The bodies of the birds were first transformed into carbon. The carbon was then made into ultra-pure graphite, and out of the graphite a synthesized diamond was created. The stones were preserved as rough diamonds, as they were formed, and were not cut or sanded.

The research for an adequate institute – both on site in Eastern Europe and from the artist’s studio - was both difficult and adventurous for the artist. No official collaboration was possible. Parallel to his research, Hendricks, after having over- come strong reservations, collected dead birds in the desired colours from bird breeders. He then plucked them and con- served the feathers. The dead bodies were then carried - by a sort of courier system - into Eastern Europe and brought to the institutes. While Hendricks was occasionally in situ during the execution of the work, he also had people looking after the project. These people also protected him during his stay. Precaution is necessary within these countries.

Luxus Avatar, 2013, mixed media, variable dimensions, installation shot, Museum Haus Konstruktiv, Zurich, CH

Collapsed Avatar 7, 2012, porcelain on a plinth, app. 32 x 35 x 26,5 cm, plinth hight 140 cm, Installation shot, The New Art Gallery, Walsall, UK 

Revolutionäres Archiv, 2003-2006, installation with 6 screenings, dimensions variable, installation shot, K21 Kunstsammlung NRW, Düsseldorf, 2011/12

The material for this group of works comes from an extensive police archive with films and photo negatives from the years 1973–85. It shows images of political disturbances, terrorist attacks, demonstrations, people being evicted from houses and bank raids. The archive was evaluated and the prints produced in close collaboration with Magdalena Kopp, a trained photographer. In the above-mentioned period of time, Kopp was an active member of Revolutionäre Zellen (Revolutionary Cells) and married to a terrorist, Ilich Ramírez Sánchez, commonly known as Carlos. He and Kopp separated, she served several years in prison in France and has been afree woman since 1994.